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Biology Drawing Class


SmART Schools promotes collaboration among classroom teachers, arts educators, and the program’s master teaching artists. In SmART Schools classrooms, teachers differentiate instruction seamlessly across all academic subjects. 


Teaching for Understanding in and Through the Arts

This 3-5 day institute centers on an interdisciplinary approach to learning that utilizes the various arts disciplines. Interdisciplinary teams engage in studio-based workshops to develop new skills, techniques, and methodologies to enhance student creativity and increase proficiency in Literacy, Math, Science, and History, as well as other core academic subject areas. School-based teams work with SmART master teaching artists to engage in and design their own arts-infused curriculum units that embed student standards-based assessment. Participants also learn how to engage students actively in a classroom culture where students create, perform, and respond to works of art on a daily basis. In addition, participants build strong collaboration skills during daily common planning time sessions with the support of SmART Schools curriculum design and assessment experts. 

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